Slideshow and talk with Johanna Törnqvist about Project Precious Trash, clothes and consumption.

In her latest project, Project Precious Trash, Johanna Törnqvist is taking a step further to take part of the contemporary debate about what we consume and how we look upon our assets. Craft has always been made out of natural materials; wool, clay and wood, but maybe todays new material is the material that we never runs short; trash?

In Project Precious Trash Johanna Törnqvist raises questions about consumption and sustainability, and creates in a incisive way a provocative contrast between the transience of the trash and the precision and resistance of the craft. (Text Frida Arnqvist Engström)


In a joint lecture, Johanna Törnqvist talks about her work with Project Precious Trash and Ylva Sjöstrand about how we have seen on and valued the textile material from a historical perspective. 

Ylva Sjöstrand, historian at Stockholm University  investigates in her research how the value of textile materials has changed over time.


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