The jewellery and video Side Effects is made for The European Triennal of Contemporary Jewellery 2017 and has been on show at World Craft Council in Mons Belgium, Gustavsbergs Konsthall (Gustavsbergs Art Gallery) Sweden and Les Ateliers de Paris in Paris, France. 

Side Effects is a development of Project Precious Trash that strikes the healthcare buisness and raises questions about consumption in healthcare, medication and how we value both today´s material and today´s human.

The link between craft and medical care has a long tradition and will be the dominant theme of this project. Stitches, needles, thread, cutting, sawing is all part of the craft and the medical world. Journal, recipes, blister packs, catheters, needles … Body, hygiene, disposable items … But also the crafts importance in the healthcare sector as occupation and therapy.

Side Effects raises questions about the craft’s survival in our modern and digital society where little work is done with our hands. But also how we look at and value our materials, our crafts tradition and the human of today. The work of the hands is often described as less important, but in the medical practice it is vital.

 The necklace Side Effects is now part of Nationalmuseum’s collection (Sweden’s museum of art and design).