How can we use our resources nearby and use the material that we never run short of? In today’s consumption society, it is perhaps not wool, wood and clay that we have plenty of when we craft? But our trash that we can reuse and create new from. In this workshop we refine our trash and create decorative accessories of our own garbage.
The workshop is part of Project Precious Trash which is a project about clothes and consumption initiated by Johanna Törnqvist.

Introduction with slide show and talk about Project Precious Trash, clothes and consumption. Introduction to various materials and what techniques you can use with different materials. All kinds of trash material will be used as; plastic bags, coffee bags, pasta bags, crisp bags, mesh bags for fruit and vegetable, packaging material, gift ribbons, cord, lace etc. After the introduction you can create your own accessory or garment. All materials are included, but you are of course welcome to bring your own trash!


Lecture and workshop with Johanna Törnqvist where she demonstrates the possibilities of working with recycling and craft in elementary school. Not only as a theme, but throughout all different textile craft techniques.

Johanna Törnqvist in working with craft, fashion and recycling. By mixing traditional craftsmanship with unexpected materials, she processes the waste and raises questions about consumption and sustainability with her work. Johanna Törnqvist is educated in fashion and textiles at Studio Berçot in Paris and has extensive experience in teaching, running courses and workshops as well as teaching craft in elementary school.


Nationalmuseum Design Kulturhuset (Sweden´s Museum of Art and Design), Form/Design Center, Textilmuseet Borås (Textile Museum of Sweden), Marabouparkens Art Gallery, Växjö Art Gallery, The Swedish Institute, All-Russian Decorative Art Museum Moscow, Istanbul Moda Academy, Handarbetets Vänner (Friends of Handicraft), Österlenskolan School för Art and Design, Sörmlands Museum, Linköpings University, Etnografiska Museet, ReTuna Recycling Mall, Hemslöjden (The National Society of Swedish Handicraft), Nääs Art & Crafts, Tekniska Museet, Konsthantverkscentrum (The Center of Crafts), Blekinge museum, Kristinehamns Art Gallery etc.